Zbrush Thingy Gungan Mess Around Monsters Ep1 Mess around Ball Guy Monster with whiplash Terrain sculpting in Mudbox Terrain sculpting in Mudbox Pointy Head Monsters Ep1 'Pain' Naked bird Edgar Allen Poe Warm Up Sculpt Lion Head Zbrush Doodle Alien MobsterFrom orginal concept by Feng Zhu Cross for Hilda
Zbrush Thingy1 Gungan 2 Mess Around3 Monsters Ep14 Mess around5 Ball guy6 Monster with whiplash7 Terrain sculpting in Mudbox8 Terrain sculpting in Mudbox9 Pointy Head10 Monsters Ep111 'Pain'12 Naked13 Edgar Allen Poe14 Warm Up Sculpt15 Lion Head Zbrush Doodle16 Alien Mobster17 Cross for Hilda18
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